Thursday, October 12, 2006

Henry Hudson Bridge

Henry Hudson Bridge, originally uploaded by leosusanow.

This photo by my Pops reminds me of some of the crazy shit I used to do when I was young. This bridge in the north tip of my Manhattan was one of my favorite hangouts. The bases on both sides used to be fenceless, unlike now. So you could easily start to walk under the span, on the arch. We used to climb all the way to the middle and the crawl onto the lower span, and walk either back to Manhattan or to the Bronx. Sometimes I would go alone. I remember once I stood in the middle of the arch thinking about jumping into the water just out of curiosity, wondering if I would survive the fall.
From this perspective I can see the bit of water, around 6 to 8 ft deep in which I fell one winter in the early 80's cause I broke through the ice, in Inwood Park.

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