Tuesday, September 28, 2004

AC/DC Back In Black

AC/DC Back In Black
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What makes an album a classic?
AC/DC's Back In Black has been a part of my life for the past 20 some years and I still enjoy it as if it were the first time I've listened to it.
Nothing fancy, just a great rock album. Good songs, scratchy vocals, furious guitars , basic drums, but damn, everything is in it's place.
AC/DC has stuck to its formula and it's worked.
The genius of this album is that it's predecessor, HIGHWAY TO HELL with Bon Scott on lead vocals was just as great ( some die hard Bon Scott fans would say better). After Scott's tragic and untimely death they came Back in Black as the title implies with Brian Johnson blasting away any doubts that this band would go on.
Angus Young was a heavy influence. His rage, energy and obvious love for the instrument comes through on this album.
The fact that songs from this album still play in clubs, radio stations and soundtracks all around the world is further testimony that it will never fade away.
Rock N Roll ain't noise pollution

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