Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On the frequency of posting

It seems that I don't write much on the blogs I own, which are a few. For a couple of months I've been writing in a notebook or sketching out thoughts on text edit files on my mac. Most of these are snippets of ideas on which I would like to elaborate later on... and of course, I usually don't.
Some just seem plain stupid, or others are just not worth elaborating on.
At this pace, I could never really have a readership, one that waits for every post eagerly. It's what writers wish for, no? readers. Of course, most blogs go unread and are actually just a place to store thoughts and ideas from which something great might spring. For the most part...

So today is May 1st and I will write every day from now on. About anything. about the news I've been reading or watching, about my day, about current events and how I perceive them through my eager consumption of news. ( news junkie! )

Here are some of the things I've been doing lately. Working on new music for my band, JLS, organizing a couple of concerts, making plans for a new music video for a new track called "Sinking". We already did one called "Love Garage" that was a lot of fun. I have to edit a couple of new versions of that video with just the song and certain images. I will do that this week or the next.
This weekend we will shoot "Sinking".

I do a podcast named Exiliado generally about music that I like. You can get via iTunes, listen to it right here on this page, download it or listen online.
I've also posted live videos of JLS to my youtube site (http://www.youtube.com/leoelfeo )

These are some of the podcasts I usually listen to:
NY Times Music Popcast ( great music reviews)
APM : Sound Opinions on Demand
MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann
MSNBC Tucker with Tucker Carlson
MSNBC Hardball Chris Matthews
Andy Rooney
NBC Meet the Press ( If it's sunday )
NBC Nightly News ( usually video podcast, and skim through it )
NPR Koppel on the News ( Ted Koppel of Nightline fame now on NPR opines on current events)
Real Time with Bill Maher - Love Bill Maher, this is the audio from his weekly HBO show.

I also download or subscribe to the following classical podcasts which I tend to sleep with it playing, great collection of concerts
WGBH Classical Performance ( Radio station out of Boston, Excellent podcast! )
The Concert (Classical Music Podcasts from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)
I recommend these highly! They are both available via iTunes, just search for WGBH or Isabella Stewart Gardner, or google them.

I take advantage of jogging time, or trips to listen to most of these. The MSNBC one's are usually short (between 8 to 15 mins depending on the importance of the day's events).

I read a lot of the NY Times and sometimes, Washingtonpost. But my main news site is nytimes.com.
I don't know where I really stand politically. I guess I'm libertarian. But there are some issues I'm conservative about, some I'm liberal ( sounds like the Chris Rock Sketch), and there are some issues I really am undecided about.
These include Abortion, Death Penalty, Gun Control... I kind of understand everyone's arguments for or against.
I respect people's opinions, for the most part, even if I don't agree with them.
I believe there are very many stupid people out there, though ( hmmm, and maybe I am amongst them. hahaha)
The world freaks me out sometimes, and man's facility towards violence scares me. BUT, I understand it's human nature. We are beasts and many let that dark side rule.
I think religion, for the most part, harms the world.

So where is the line, the one that most shouldn't cross? Where is true virtue?
Where does evil come from? Is it dormant within us when we are born?

I also listen to these other great podcasts albeit with less frequency:
Rhinocast ( from Rhino.com ) - great music opinions and interviews
The Traneumentary - audio documentary about the life of John Coltrane, each episode features the opinions of someone from that era.
An Intimate Tour Through the Music of Yo Yo Ma ( self explanatory )

Pandora Podcast series (about music production )

I woke up a a little while ago, and it is now 1pm here in Zaragoza, Spain. I am drinking a cup of tea ( since I stopped drinking coffee about 4 months ago, a few weeks ago I began indulging in tea, some caffeinated. This one isn't. Manzanilla... I think! )

Now I'm writing this and listening to one of the classical podcasts ( was actually listening to the APM sound opinions which interviews Tom Morello this week but I couldn't thinl, so I switched to a classical music one, which actually helps me think)

These are my other blogs, which maybe I will post to, maybe I won't....
I should just unify them all... perhaps!!

http://jodiolocosucio.blogspot.com sobre JLS
http://leosusana.blogspot.com este lo uso mas para organizar todo los sites pero en realidad casi no escribo en el
http://impressionsofeurope.blogspot.com este era un intento a un diario sobre mi experiencia europea, que como que mande a la mierda hace mucho... aun tengo largos escritos en mis cuadernos que eran para este blog

y mis sites de foto, perdi mi camera hace par de meses en el aeropuerto de Bergamo, asi que hasta que no compre una nueva, no habran fotos recientes

Ok, so let's see if I stick to my promise of writing everyday, not for you, whoever you are, who takes the time to read my rambling thoughts, but for the sake of discipline. Mine.

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