Monday, November 13, 2006

Paris Journal 3

Paris Journal 3

Yesterday I walked all over Paris. After visiting two cafes, at
around 11:30 Antonio and I visited Notre Dame Cathedral which is
actually very close to where I am staying in Chatelet.
We must have spent like an hour there. I walked all around inside
which I think I hadn't done on my previous visits to Paris. What made
it all interesting was that there was Sunday Mass with organ and a
soprano. Had never heard mass in french.
After that we went back to the apartment. I left right away and went
to the calling center across the street from Tribeca, the restaurant
we had visited the night before on Rue de Charonne. Walked the Rue de
Rivoli until it changed names and reached the Place de Bastille.
After calling NY and Amsterdam, I called Stefan to see where they
were. They told me they were on their way to St. Germain and would
wait for me near Odeon.
I walked over there, about 20 mins. When I was almost getting there
about 5,000 people on skates passed me by on the Boulevard St.
Germain. It was likea race or parade. I got to Odeon but couldn't find
a phone to call from that actually took coins. So I started walking
around, bought a Grec and Frites. After a while I decided to walk
toward D'Orsay since Giuliana had wanted to go there.
In the end I didn't meet up with anybody. I just walked all along the
Seine, crossing a bridge here, walking along the shore somewhere else
until I got to the area of the museum. Then I made my way to the
Eiffel Tower. It was almost dark. I was taking pictures all along the
way. After a while I walked back to the apartment where Antonio, and
Stefanwere getting ready for their trip. Giuliana arrived about 20
mins later with stephie and Julie. "Oh, Leo te perdiste"? Giuliana
asked me.
She finished packing up. At 9:30 a cab would come to take them to the
Gare du Nord for their train to Brussels where they would catch a 6am
flight to Puerto Plata and return to Cabarete for the winter.
Then we went out to a cafe around the corner. Giuliana and I waited
outside the building for a friend she wanted to see before they left,
so everyone went ahead. We waited for about 25 mins and talked a
little about everything. I was telling her how all of a sudden I felt
the need to do some of the things that I had always wanted to do, get
fit enough to run a marathon in about 2 years, parachute out of a
plane etc.
The friend hadn't arrived so we went to the cafe around the cornerto
meet up with the others for one last drink. We came back to the
apartment for the luggage Just then Giuliana's friend arrived. She
drove into the street the wrong way, and they said their hellos They
were glad to see each other Just then the taxi arrived I said goodbye
to Antonio and Stefan. Giuliana told me to say hello to her family
since I'll be going to Bergamo on wednesday. We had a great time this

After they left, Tess and I said goodbye to Stephie and Julie. We came
back to the apartment where his roommates were, one with her
boyfriend. Michel, his uncle was ironing some shirts. I connected to
the internet and spoke with Michele through the Skype. She was really
excited that the program actually worked so well.
Afterwards, a new girl who will move in came to the apartment with
some friends to bring a mattress. Tess was helping her bring it
upstairs, I helped out. We later went with her, a friend and two other
girls to a cafe down the street. Chatted for a little while and then
we returned to the apartment.
Ekatirana's boyfriend told me about Marcel Dadi, a guitar player I
knew nothing about who died in the TWA 800. I found a myspace with his
Then Michel, Tess' uncle, and I started to talk about Michel Gondry
and about La Reunion, an island I didn't know existed that is off the
coast of Africa.
Tess cooked some chicken and potatoes, Good dinner.
Michel also showed the music of a friend of his named Jean-Louis
Bompoint who is also the Director of Photography of the most recent
Michel Gondry film, The Science of Dreams.

It was a cool day.

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